The Glossy Plug

2 in 1 Lash Tape Pen


These Pens are a game changer ! It can be used as an Eyeliner and/or a Lash Adhesive! This is a Black Liner that is smudge-proof, water-proof, 24hr wear, and tapes your lashes with a strong hold. These pens can easily be taken with you plus its super convenient & easy to apply. Comes in a Pink Silk ‘TheGlossyPlug’ Bag.

Instruction: Simply apply a good layer on your upper lash line (where you apply your lashes) and wait about 5 seconds to dry, then apply lashes directly on the layer. It’s important to apply the Lash Tape as close to your lash line so your lashes look seamless! Do not put directly in your eyes

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