CBD is a short word for Cannabidiol which is a chemical compound that contains 0% THC, found in the Cannabid Sativa plant. CBD is known to cause anti-anxiety, relieve stress, and heal. However when CBD is used on lips, CBD does a fast job moisturizing, hydrating, and healing cracked/dry lips instantly. CBD benefits and protects our lips by neutralizing and stabilizing free radicals. CBD contains natural antibacterial properties which prevent our lips from any infection, irritaion, or bacteria. Not only does CBD do those great things but it also fights sun damage. Our lips are covered by an extremely thin layer of skin which is rare for most of us to protect this layer of skin which can cause cracking, drying, lip color pigmentaion, however CBD can revitalize lips that have suffered bad effects of sun exposure due to CBD being rich in omega 3 and 6 with a bunch of vitamins: A,E,B,D. When using my CBD lip glosses, your lips are automatically in a protective and good state as the CBD is shielding your lips from overexposure and deeply moisturizing. At the same time your lips are Glistening and Glossy!